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About Me

I Work Hard To Provide You The Best Quality Jewelry & Resin Art

Each piece of jewelry and resin art is created with thoughtfulness and attention to detail.  Pieces are individually checked for major issues that could cause the piece to fail prematurely or sharp edges that may cause snags or harm to the individual.  Resin art items are sanded and polished to ensure there are no sharp protrusions on the surface, unless they are supposed to be there (for example: the top of a pyramid).  With that being said, I am not infallible, and errors can and will be made.

My Small Business

I am a retired disabled veteran who uses crafting of a wide variety of mediums for both mental and physical therapy. I have been making jewelry for over 20 years for myself, family and friends. I began acquiring all the tools and individual findings, stones, and crystals that I could afford from a reputable and ethical source 15 years ago in preparation to start my jewelry business. I take my inspiration from the colors of the world around me and the natural beauty of stones and crystals. 

In 1976 I was intrigued when my father began making resin tables and home decor items as a hobby. I would watch and learn from him, but never thought I would do it myself. I dove head first into resin art in 2021 to test my skills and it proved to be very meditative and relaxing. Now I can’t get enough of the beauty and creativity in creating all of the unique pieces and putting them together to make a completed project. I have always dreamed of owning my own business, I just did not know it would take this long to come to fruition, but life got in the way.


95% of what I make is handmade by me. The other 5% are items that were purchased and strung to be sold.

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